By | October 4, 2019

OCT 4 2019


Okay, so after spending hours adding sound effects to the podcast and other voices, I realized that the new version sounded terrible, so I’m using the one in the post below as the very first one. It honestly doesn’t sound too bad, and as long as I come up with a rational plot that “fixes” the radio a bit in later episodes, then it’s all good.

So with that in mind, I’m hoping to come up with 10 episodes.

Spoiler alert if you’d rather just hear them instead of hearing the plot ruined here, though this is more of an outline if anything.

Some ideas for episodes:

Aftershocks – The broadcaster calls out into the void.
Recovery – The broadcaster explains his situation thus far. Vows to improve his radio.
Repair – Radio sounds better now that it has been fixed.
Voice – In the middle of recording, a faint voice breaks through. The broadcaster tries to connect.
No Luck – There was no luck connecting to the mystery voice.
An army truck came into town late yesterday, with some troops. The troops carried no news. They were suspicious of everybody.
Faint radio signal playing music.

Maybe I should just end it at 8 episodes. Who knows. I’ll see how it goes.


Just a quick little update.  I’m working on a male character as well. It is based on the rabbit posted earlier, but it is modified to look more male.

For the record, all of these characters have genitals. I’m just not showing them off yet. But some day!



So getting my tooth filled was a success. It didn’t really hurt aside from a few water squirts that were super sensitive. I can now say I’ve had a cavity drilled without anesthetic. Me big mucho macho man. 🙄

Except there’s still two more that need to be filled and the dentist is convinced that at least one of them would absolutely need anesthetic. So great. Problem not solved.


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