By | April 10, 2020

APR 10 2020

I feel ambivalent about the past week or two. On one hand, I feel like so little has happened. The whole shelter-in-place order that we’ve been dealing with for the past few weeks has really made life feel like it is slowing to a crawl. The days blend into each other, weekends seem both constant and nonexistent, structure seems to have broken down. It’s strange.

What makes this weird is the fact that I already spend almost every day at home. I don’t have an office that I go to, I just work from here. Yet the fact that suddenly everyone else is around me all the time, people who would normally leave and return after a specific period, affects my sense of structure as well. And of course, I don’t “borrow the car” every once in a while to get stuff done anymore. Now, I just take it when I need it, which isn’t often.

It’s a strange feeling. I imagine others are experiencing similar confusion. I imagine books will be written about the period surrounding this time. Just right now, I see somebody walking their dog at 2pm, like I’ve seen countless times throughout the day almost every day, which is a rare occurrence for a weekday. And yet, I expect to see it continually until all of this is over.


Now, while I’ve had a rather obvious obsession with rabbits (at least to those who know me personally), I don’t have, nor have I ever actually had any pet rabbits. Many find this unusual, seeing as how I go by “Rabbit” online, I have a website called “Rabbit Outpost,” rabbits are my favorite animal, and when it comes to furry stuff, I’m always seeking rabbit-related content.

Truth be told, there have been two main reasons I’ve never had pet rabbits. For one, I’ve heard that they aren’t exactly the type of animal that enjoy being picked up and cuddled like a dog or a cat. But for two, rabbits require cooler temperatures than most animals. Which basically means that we’d be forced to keep indoor rabbits (outdoor rabbits are thing!), which we just do not have the space for. The heat here in Texas is unbearable for even the hardiest of hares, and the only rabbits that seem to survive these temperatures are the local cottontails. But they aren’t exactly a rabbit suited for being a pet.

Anyway, life circumstances have changed a fair bit, and as a result, this coming July, we’re going to have a completely empty room in our house. So, instead of cluttering it with garbage like we have tended to do in the past, we decided to turn it into a rabbit room! And on top of that, our plan is to get Flemish Giant rabbits. The rabbits will have a safe room to call their own, and by being giant rabbits, the cats won’t be able to harass them too much (our cats are 11-12 pounds, and Flemish Giants can reach upwards of 20).

Plus, from what I’ve been reading, Flemish Giants are also a bit more social, enjoying spending time just sitting in one’s lap. And frankly, I am very much looking forward to this.

Other Projects

So the game project I’m working on is going slow, but steady. The biggest issue I face right now is how goddamn long it takes to render just one image. It takes a good hour or so to render one good solid image. This is a problem. This suggests that at best, if I have 1000 images to render, I’ll be doing nothing but rendering images for 4 months, assuming I devote 8 hours a day to the rendering alone (I still have to position everything).

So I need to come up with something else to speed up the process. Maybe I can switch to Eevee rendering, but it’s not compatible with the environment I have so far.


Also, I’ve started a “Furry Philosophy” website. I have a vague idea of what I want to do with it, so stay tuned for that I guess. I’m going 100% fuzz, people.


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