By | May 21, 2020

MAY 21 2020

I feel like absolute ass today. I don’t know if it’s something I ate or if it’s something that crawled up my butt, but I don’t feel so good about it either way.


We’ve got 11 more days until we own the land free and clear. 11 days until we have more than just a pin on the map, we’ll have a whole chunk. It’s really quite exciting. We are being left a 40 foot “5th wheel” trailer on the land, which is great, because it means we’ll have something to live in, while we’re there on weekends doing work.

And boy is it going to be a lot of work.

Right from the start, we’ll have to dig post holes and plant beams to create an overhang for the trailer (a few little leaks that need to be covered, basically). We also need to establish a boundary fence along some of the property, mostly as a guide for ourselves to determine what we can and can’t build or play on.

From there, we eventually will need to mow the pasture, but because we will not have farm animals until we’re actually ready to live there, it means we’ll have to invest in a decent mower.

And that’s just sort of a phase 1 setup. Basically everything we need to make the place somewhat liveable. We already see at least a dozen things we can do to improve the land. Fixing the road, adding a gate, improving the seasonal pond and turning it into a permanent pond, etc. I’m just glad the place will already have power and water.


So new topic or category or whatever. Something I haven’t really mentioned (mostly because it didn’t really seem that relevant) was that my spouse and I have been sort of getting into the poly lifestyle. We don’t really have much experience and we don’t really have a full idea of what we’re doing, but the reason we’re so interested in it is because we feel that we have so much love between the two of us and we’d just like to share it with another person. We’ve sort of looked around a little bit, and we’ve been trying to find someone who could comfortably fit in our lifestyles, but it’s not every day that someone in the big city we live in just wants to uproot everything and move out to a farm some day.

I mean, sure, that is a classic stereotype. But it doesn’t seem very apparent in real life. I guess people enjoy the idea of quitting the hustle and bustle for the farm life, but I can’t imagine it’s extremely common to say “And I want to do it while getting involved in a poly love triangle!”

We actually met someone a little under a year ago, who was immediately open to friendship with us, was sort of a goofball like us, was funny and attractive and entertaining, but when we offered the idea that we would be interested in possibly pursuing a relationship, she expressed that she was demisexual and needed time to know us first. In the end, this was a good thing. It saved all of us a lot of trouble, because over time, though I’m sure it would have been really fun to date her, we were ultimately not really all that compatible in terms of our lifestyles.

And honestly, that’s okay. We’re not looking for someone to just have fun with and have sex with for a little bit and then move on. We’re almost 30, we’re looking for someone to love and cherish for the long haul, who cares about us just as much.

So, more recently, I met someone else online, who, purely by complete coincidence is also demisexual. This both excites me and scares me, if I’m to be quite honest. It’s nice because I can more easily recognize their needs, but also because, let’s face it, it takes genuine effort to make an emotional connection, from all points of view. You have to spend time with someone, you have to get to know them, you have to see if you have any form of compatibility. And if you don’t? Well, you’ve just invested a significant amount of time in just becoming friends with them. And if it does work out, and it is a genuine connection, it suggests that it’s likely that the relationship would last for a good long while. So great, at the very least, I’ve made a new friend. And I hope that works out.

I guess the scary part is just that, when trying to date someone with a “normal” (whatever that means) sexuality, you find out if you’re not compatible a lot sooner. I’m obviously not going to give up early, it’s just rough when you know it’s going to take a long time to find out if things will actually work out or not. But that’s okay. We just have to give things that time. And I need to reign in that line I sometimes have between “eager” and “pushy.” Ugh.

Furry Outpost

So I’ve actually started working on a new website called “Furry Outpost,” it’s going to be the central hub where most of my furry art / work gets posted. It’s still under construction, but you can take a look if you want. The first game I built is actually released there right now!

Oh right! I forgot to mention! I released a game! I took a complete left turn about a month ago and switched to a much simpler format, based on a completely random thought that popped into my mind on a complete whim.

So, yeah. Check out my first game, Yiff Strip Trivia on


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